Arutani, Lennart Nicolas, Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder, Niklaus Katzorke - Urleiwand Remixes EP 
 Release: 11. October 2019 

We started playing the Urleiwand Remix EP in our infant's nursery, where we noticed them playing music in the crib room to provide white noise for the sleeping babies. The idea of a lullaby-ized version of music we already enjoy listening to appealed to us, so we started out with a couple of the titles in the Voll Schön series. We've enjoyed them so much that we're now up to ~15 of these, if for no other reason than to provide us with some variety as we rock our child before putting him down for the night. By removing the words and playing the songs at a more or less constant volume, they provide a soothing bedtime experience without the sudden changes in volume and tempo that might otherwise startle or excite a child that you're trying to get (and then keep) asleep.

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Release Date:
October 11, 2019

Early Feedback:

"Let me start off by saying WOW! Don’t let this bad boy fool you, though it is small in nature it packs the strength of a power drill. Shocked, terrified, impressed. These are the emotions I went through when test driving this pleasure package. I didn’t fully understand the strength adjustment and went full force right off the bat, and let me tell you, I almost sanded off my June bug."

They elevated shitty remixing to an art form. Check out my new track 'Leb Deinen Traum!'"

"Voll Schöns musikalisches Schaffen konzentriert sich hauptsächlich auf die Produktion von Coverversionen unterschiedlicher Stilrichtungen. Die Interpretationen zielen auf leichte Tanzbarkeit und Partytauglichkeit, oft kurze, leicht zu merkende und damit eingängige Refrains. Die vorliegende EP bedient sich bei Elementen der Schlager-, der populären Tanz- und der volkstümlichen Musik."