Hannes Fischer - Klumbatsch EP 
 Release: 13. April 2018 

How much is the Fischer? - About 10dB above wicked.
Now that we got this straight, let's talk about sekt, baby!
I am going to the bar, shall I get you something?
Yes, ten vodka-pfeffi please.
(thrity minutes later) Hey sorry, I got stuck on the dancefloor.
The DJ was playing this crazy track with this wiggly loop.
I just couldn't stop dancing.
I shazamed it, it's Hannes Fischer - Klumbatsch.
Stupid name, but really nice track.
Oh, and here are your drinks.
They didn't have vodka, so I got you sambucca-pfeffi.
That's disgusting!
Oh well, fuck it...

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Early Feedback:

"Sounds like a chicken being tortured."
- Karl Popper

"I listen to this to get all pumped up before a match."
- Gabriela Sabatini

"Our music was way better."
- Magic Affair

"I was trying to masturbate, but my neighbor was playing this so I just couldn‘t finish."
- Gundula Gause