Niklaus Katzorke - The Awakening of the Clitoris EP 
 Release: July 13, 2018 

Clitorises are great, there should be more songs about them. So with this EP, we are sending a musical shout-out to our pearly little friends and to their proud carriers around the globe. Let’s celebrate the fact that even men are 49% female - because otherwise we’d all be fucked. May this EP find your musical sweet spot and do the right things to it. Amen and Awomen!

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Early Feedback:

"Wenn ich cheesy will, geh ich lieber an die Käsetheke."
- Techno Viking II

"Made my clitoris fall asleep."
- Bella Bang

"Our office cat died while we were listening to this."
- Deep House Gelsenkirchen

- Bombfunk MC

"Pussy music."
- Konstantin