Arutani - Urleiwand EP 
 Release: 23. November 2018 

Urleiwand is an Austrian expression for something extremely great. When you have a "urleiwand" time with a person you may decide to "puder" with him or her, but if this is preceded by too many "schnapserls", you may be a "bissl deppert" which may lead to your "pudern" being "oag". Luckily, this does not matter because: "Am End verrecken's eh alle". So before you do, you should listen to this EP.

Release Date:
November 23, 2018

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Early Feedback:

"Super annoying but the kids like it."
- Dad

"Bought it as a gift and gave it away. Very repetitive and boring sounding."
- Mom

"Des head si a wia wennst a fleischpflanzerl in dai Saftbressn dust."
- Anton aus Tirol

"Played these tracks to a bunch of bananas. Now they are Wienerlis."
- Tobi Dei