Etcha - Hipnosis EP 
 Release: 16. March 2018 

After spending years of morphing party brains into hyperdimensional flow-balls with his partner Dr. Seltsam, Dutch renegade prodigy producer Etcha has managed to cut across conventional hyperspace and enter a spacetime singularity known as hypnospace where bodies are propagated exclusively by hip movement. In this environment, Etcha's newly developed bass-powered hip-drive can accelerate hips from a resting state into "hipnosis" within seconds. And what's best: You have been chosen as a test subject, so unplug your ears, plug your nose and submit to his gently administered hipnosis.

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Early Feedback:

"... completely brain-dead repetitions reminiscent of the twitching of a chicken's head."
- The Copenhagen Observer

"Cut out the synths and the percussion, and it's somewhat ok."
- DJ Hooligan

"A monumental musical mindfuck par excellence."
- Monopol

"Sounds like Scooter in slow-motion."
- Blümchen